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Stovai kolonėlėms, mikrofonams

Gamintojas: Athletic Modelis: ATHLETIC BOX-4
Stovas kolonėlei...
34.00 €
Gamintojas: Athletic Modelis: ATHLETIC BOX-CB2
Dėklas 2 kolonėlių stovams..
15.00 €
Gamintojas: Caymon Modelis: CST352/B laikiklis 2 mikrofonams
T-Bar For 2 microphones. Screws 3/8”. Distance between microphones : 16 cm Screw base 3/8”..
7.00 €
Gamintojas: Caymon Modelis: CST259/B stovas mikrofonui
Microphone drum stand with extendable boom arm, adjustable from 50 tot 90 cm. Black cast iron base with foldable legs. Base spread diameter : 56 cm Screw base 3/8” Height : 34 cm Weight : 1,94 Kg Including cable fixation clamps and 5/8” to 3/8” thread reduction..
30.00 €
Gamintojas: Caymon Modelis: CST310/B
consisting of the ST301B and a standard boom arm, ST310 with a length of 84 cm. Height adjustable from 89 to 160 cm. Base spread diameter : 65 cm Screw base 3/8” Weight 3.5 kg...
38.00 €
Gamintojas: K&M Modelis: K&M 21311
Dėklas stovams..
30.50 €
Gamintojas: K&M Modelis: K&M 21421
Dėklas dviems mikrofoniniams stovams Designed to carry 2 K&M microphone stands. Made of waterproof nylon. Black with screenprinted logo. Two inside compartments with zipper and sturdy handles...
16.00 €
Gamintojas: K&M Modelis: KONIG AND MEYER 19580-000-55
21.00 €
Gamintojas: JB Systems Modelis: SS-59 stovas kolonėlei
Professional but low-priced speaker stand Very stable construction with metal base Low minimal height: very easy to put a speaker on the stand! Minimal height: 1,25m Maximal height: 1,90m Maximal load: 40kg Mast diameter: 35mm..
42.00 €
Gamintojas: Ltc Modelis: SS01B
Max. load:  30kg Height:  1,80m max...
65.00 €
Gamintojas: Ibiza sound Modelis: SS03-WH stovas kolonėlei baltas
Max. load:  30kg Height:  1,80m max...
37.00 €
Gamintojas: JB Systems Modelis: WB-L30 laikiklis
Very strong wall bracket for bigger speaker cabinets Long version: distance to wall = 29cm Bracket can be rotated over almost 180° to put the speaker in almost any position. Adaptable vertical angle: 0° to 20° For use with speaker cabinets fitted with a standard 35mm speaker adapter ..
25.00 €
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