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Gamintojas: ADJ Modelis: ADJ BUBBLE TRON
Portable high output bubble machine - creates hundreds of bubbles per minute..
74.00 €
Gamintojas: Antari Modelis: ANTARI B-100 Burbulų mašina
Profesionali burbulų mašina. Pakabinimo kronšteinas.  ..
120.00 €
Gamintojas: Antari Modelis: ANTARI B-100X Burbulų mašina
Profesionali burbulų mašina. Valdoma pulteliu su laikmačiu. Atskirai perkamas nuotolinio valdymo pultelis. Pakabinimo kronšteinas...
135.00 €
Gamintojas: Antari Modelis: S-100II
Snowmachine for professional use. Output approx.: 5 meter. Separate tank (capacity 5 L), controller included...
429.00 €
Gamintojas: Antari Modelis: ANTARI S-200 Sniego generatorius
Sniego generatorius. Kaitintuvo galingumas 600 W. Valdomas DMX signalu. Išdirbis 140 ml / min. Skysčio bakelio talpa 5 l. Valdymo pultelis.  ..
587.00 €
Gamintojas: JB Systems Modelis: Bubble Machine
Blows a large quantity of soap bubbles into the room Completely noiseless Works with special bubble liquid (don't use ordinary soap!)..
64.00 €
Gamintojas: Ibiza light Modelis: LBM20
High volume bubble machine that due to its dual wheels fills your premises twice as fast as a normal machine. Supplied incl. remote control to regulate the bubble output Specifications: Voltage:  110-220Vac 50-60Hz Power:  300W Approx. spray distance:  9m Coverage:  1..
122.00 €
A professional unit for creating "low fog": the Antari Ice. Featuring a fogger and cooler in one single unit. Ideal for dancefloors, theatres etc...
710.00 €
Gamintojas: Universal effects Modelis: UE POWER PROJECTION TUBE Konfeti mašina
1,190.00 €
Gamintojas: Universal effects Modelis: UE POWER SNOW TUBE Sniego generatorius
1,590.00 €
Gamintojas: Universal effects Modelis: UE POWER STRIPTEASE TUBE Konfeti mašina
Konfeti mašina. Konfeti barstoma visomis kryptimis (360'). Barstymo atstumas 5-7 m. Užpildoma pro šoninę išpjovą. Matmenys 51 x 51 x 58 cm...
929.00 €
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