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Moving Head FL-202 BEAM

 Moving Head FL-202 BEAM
 Moving Head FL-202 BEAM
 Moving Head FL-202 BEAM
 Moving Head FL-202 BEAM
 Moving Head FL-202 BEAM
 Moving Head FL-202 BEAM
Moving Head FL-202 BEAM
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  • Modelis: Moving Head FL-202 BEAM
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The New moving head Beam FL-202, equipped with a revolutionary R5 190W discharge lamp (8000 K, 2000 hrs.). This Beam FL-202 moving head has a light output that is comparable to devices with 700W discharge lamps. And it very sharp and stream bright light, and with a very attractive price that you will never want to go back.


Lamp: equivalent discharge lamp R5 190W, 8,000K – 2,000 hr. long life
LUX: 142500 @ 10m, 84300 @ 15m, 59760 @ 20m
Beam Angle 0-4˚
Resetting the lamp on and off using the DMX512 signal
Extremely fast and precise movement
Electronic monitoring of the error message
Ultra compact design, light weight device (17.2 kg)


The color wheel (14 colors + white)
Gobo wheel (17 gobo + open)
Prism (8 - face rotary)
Dimmer (0-100%)
Electronic Focus
Strobe (0-20hz)
PAN: 540
TILT: 240
Speed ​​control PAN, TILT DMX

1. Control of the market definition PAN and TILT (8bit or 16bit)
2. DMX 512: 16, 17 or 20 channels
3. and addressing settings: graphic LCD with back light

1. Viewing angle: 0-4˚
2. 3 lenses
3. Electronic Focus
4. 8-wall rotating prism
5. The Power of Light: Light power: LUX: 142500 @ 10m, 84300 @ 15m
6. The color wheel (14 dichromate filter + white)
7. Gobo wheel (17 gobo + open)

1. Aluminum construction with plastic
2. Two side handles for transportation
3. Two locking PAN and TILT speed for safe handling of the head
4. Degree of protection: IP20

1. Two handles for screw hooks
2. Indoor use only
3. Mounting head in any position
4. Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 3m
5. Keep a minimum distance from the surrounding area of ​​the head: 0.5 m

1. Power connector IN: Neutrino Power Con
2. Mains connector OUT: Neutrino Power Con
3. DMX512 signal connector: 3-pin XLR (IN, OUT), and 5-pin XLR (IN, OUT)

1. Power supply: AC 110V - 240V, 50/60Hz
2. Maximum power consumption: 360W
3. Protection: F7AL

1. Power-Con power cable IN (blue connector)
2. Power-Con power cable OUT - Extension (gray connector - blue connector)
3. DMX512 cable - XLR 3pin (2p)
4. DMX512 cable - XLR 5pin (2p)
5. Brackets for attaching the head to the structure (2p)
6. User manual

Packaging (1 unit): 470x380x550mm
Gross Weight: 18.8 kg