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Gamintojas: Paiste Modelis: Paiste 101 RD 20
101 RIDE 20"..
50.00 €
Gamintojas: Paiste Modelis: Paiste 201 RD 20
201 RIDE 20"..
84.00 €
Gamintojas: Paiste Modelis: Paiste PST3-RIDE20
RIDE 20"..
64.00 €
Gamintojas: Paiste Modelis: Paiste PST5-RIDE20
RIDE 20"..
128.00 €
Gamintojas: Paiste Modelis: Paiste PST5-RIDE21
RIDE 21"..
142.00 €
Gamintojas: Zildjian Modelis: Zildjian K0817
272.00 €
Gamintojas: Zildjian Modelis: Zildjian K0967
22" K CUSTOM DARK RIDE Excellent stick definition with dry, full-bodied stick sound. Dark, warm undertones with trashy crash qualities for accents...
374.00 €
Gamintojas: Zildjian Modelis: Zildjian K0969
21" K CUSTOM SPECIAL DRY RIDE   Like the popular Special Dry HiHats and Crashes, this Ride is created with exclusive, radical hammering and lathing techniques. This unique cymbal maintains the dryness of the crash while offering a cutting stick sound. The 21" size is ideal for jazz and modern..
345.00 €
Gamintojas: Zildjian Modelis: Zildjian K0989
22" K CUSTOM HIGH DEFINITION RIDE Redesigned by Terri Lyne Carrington for 2008, the 22" K Custom High Definition Ride is thinner than the original model for greater "crashability" and feel while riding. It features the same spiral lathing on top but the bottom has been left unlathed to help retain ..
374.00 €
Gamintojas: Zildjian Modelis: Zildjian K20889
20" K' Custom Ride..
278.00 €
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