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Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP8011CH Flute Case Curved+Straight Head
42.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP812 Clarinet Case in various colours
JP812 Case Bb in Blue, Yellow or Red Cheerful colour, lightweight and with carrying straps to be ideal for children...
33.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP8121 Clarinet Bb Case Black
JP8121 Black fabric covered compact case with grey piping and detachable back straps for Bb Clarinet. Case as standard with JP121...
43.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP8122 Bass Clarinet Case replacement case for JP122
174.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP8123 Clarinet Eb Case for JP123
Replacement case for the JP123 Eb clarinet, the JP8123 case will fit most Eb clarinets. Blue and red with reflective strip, blue velveteen interior and space for accessories. Front zip pocket. With handle and carry strap. Instrument not included!..
33.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP814 Clarinet Deluxe Double Case Black
JP 814 Deluxe Double Case Black. Very smart and nicely furnished case...
88.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP816 Flute Case
JP816 Flute case available in three cheerful colours; red, blue and yellow. Reflective strip, lightweight and carrying strap make it ideal for children...
32.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP817 Flute & Piccolo Case Black
JP 817 Flute and Piccolo Case. With its tough black experior and grey piping, this case is smart as well as compact, lightweight and very convenient to use. Will accomodate almost any C foot flute and an additional piccolo. Supplied with shoulder carrying strap...
49.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP8181 Oboe Case for JP181
Hard case with space for oboe, grease, and reed case. Lined with burgundy velvet interior. This case has an external material case cover with JP logo. Comes with strap for holding over the shoulder, along with handles for carrying convenience. A front pocket at the front of the case is ideal for oth..
67.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP832 Bassoon Backpack Case Black
Unlike other gig bags - this case is lined for extra strength, while still maintaining a light weight. JP832 gig bag black very strong and lightweight backpack case for bassoon. Separate strong pouch for crooks and plenty of space for accessories. Absolutely the easiest way of carrying your bassoon..
112.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: JP849 Flute, Piccolo, C and B footjoint case
What a great idea. Lots of flute players buy a B footjoint for occasional use and then wonder where they are going put it. This case has recesses for headjoint, body, C footjoint, B footjoint and piccolo and yet is small, neat, smart, easy to carry, protective and won't break the bank. Just the job!..
68.00 €
Gamintojas: John Packer Ltd Modelis: Pro Tec Alto Sax Eb Case holds alto sax+flute+clarinet Black
Dublerio svajonė: išskirtinis dėklas talpinantis alto saksofoną, fleitą bei klarnetą. Kiekvienas instrumentas turi savo skyrelį. Ilga patogi teleskopinė rankena padės transportuoti jūsų instrumentus sklandžiai ir lengvai...
323.00 €
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